Fresh Botanical Teas:


Utilizing The Water Soluble Constituents of Dynamic Accumulators


When you want the secondary metabolites, plant growth hormones, and nutrients of Dynamic Accumulators this is the way to go. When you know that your soil is already full of all the Major nutrients. These teas will supplement your grow and act as a booster to plant health and vigor without being overpowering. These typically use dried plant meals or fresh plants as the main source and will have small particles of the meal present in the water when used. Once the Botanical tea is drenched into the soil, the microbes will go to work on the particles and left over material from your fresh botanical tea, unlocking even more material.


This method is often used because top dressing with straight plant material will often cause burning of the plant and unwanted problems, but a quick soak in water and you can now drench the soil with the strained water that is now full of the water soluble parts of the plant we were soaking. By doing this we can access living nutrients that aren’t available in any bottled product.


Making a botanical tea typically involves using dried plant meal, but can also utilize fresh growing tips of plants. The desired plant material is then soaked for 24-72 hours and then used right away. Use of an air- stone to bubble the water is preferred but not necessary. It’s mainly to keep the plant material in motion, so you could always just stir it every once in awhile. I will go into detail on the entire process soon.


Fermented Plant Extracts:


Most of the so called “organic” liquid fertilizers on the market are simply a fermented plant extract done on a commercial level. There are several reasons why making your own is better than buying the stuff on the Hydro-Shop Shelves.


  1. You will have a better product for pennies on the dollar.
  2. You can hand select the plants being used. In that way you can make a special FPE for almost any situation, from Veg to Flower, and in- between.
  3. You can do this all cold without adding any high heat like most of the fertilizer companies do. Think of it like getting premium first cold pressed Olive Oil compared to cheap chemically extracted stuff.
  4. You won’t have to add any preservatives whether natural or not, these preservatives harm the overall final product and you won’t have to add any! Your home made FPE can sit on the shelf for up to 1 year and sometimes longer all on its own.


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