Growing marijuana plants takes some skill and knowledge to perfect. If you would like some expert help in setting up your custom gardening installation, I can help you choose the right equipment and help you with the install. Now you need help on the grow? I can be your grow coach that will put your light schedule, feeding, watering, trimming and other growing techniques on a schedule. I can help you minimize the chances of a poor grow and help you to get great results from the start. Starting from seed, adding your own organic soil and nutrients and watching your plant grow can be very satisfying!

High pressure sodium, metal halide, LED lights, square pots, round pots, fabric pots, how much fertilizer to use, when to water, when to change the light period, what temperature should the room be, how much humidity is needed, when to upsize the pots, when to cut the plants… this is only some of the elements of a grow space. There are many variable in a grow system and staying on top of all of them can be a challenge for first time growers. Allow me to share my knowledge with you and help you grow a healthy and large cannabis plant.

What you need to know;

Equipment costs – This will vary from $700-$1200+ depending on the type of equipment you decide to purchase

Consulting Costs – The initial consultation is free. Home coaching sessions will be $50-$80 per hour depending on your location

Production – At the end of your 4-5 month grow cycle, each plant should produce between 1-3 ounces of marijuana depending on various factors such as grow lights and overall success

If you would like to have your initial consultation, Contact Us and we can setup a time to go over various questions about us your grow. Hope to hear from you!