Green Gardeners Supplies Is Closing. 50 Lbs Bags for $50 While Supplies Last

We strongly believe in the benefits of natural products such as kelp meal, alfalfa meal, guano and rock dust as quality soil inputs that will increase the beneficial microbes in your soil which will break down the nutrients for your plants. Gardening helps the body, lifts up the spirit, and feeds the soul. We believe the world needs more gardens — to help feed the needy, to protect wildlife, to heal the environment, and to make place of peace and abundance. And to create the same, we provide the best green garden supplies in Toronto.


Organic fertilizers and soil amendments.

If you want an explosive garden that will make your neighbors jealous, you will need to make your soil alive with organic fertilizers and soil amendments.I’m sure you want the best growing season possible so take a look at some of my products and put together a fertilizer blend that will grow you the healthiest vegetables, greenest lawn or high quality bud.

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Medical Cannabis

How to grow cannabis.

Growing cannabis in Canada has been occurring for quite some time although with recent changes to federal laws, growing at home is now legal for medical marijuana patients and soon to be for personal use as well. You will find various information on my cannabis page from super soils that require mixing and just adding water …

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Grow Coach.

Growing marijuana plants takes some skill and knowledge to perfect. If you would like some expert help in setting up your custom gardening installation, I can help you choose the right equipment and help you with the install. Now you need help on the grow? I can be your grow coach that will put your light schedule, feeding, watering, trimming and other growing techniques on a schedule. I can help you minimize the chances of a poor grow and help you to get great results from the start.

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